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Capture one. Save tiff with adjustment layers?

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  • Capture one. Save tiff with adjustment layers?

    Okay, after two hours, and no results online, I am getting super angry, as I used to know where that option is, and noone I asked has heard of it??? Even google?

    Where is the option for exporting, so that my local adjustments remain in the tiff as layers???


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    Re: Capture one. Save tiff with adjustment layers?

    Capture One is primarily a raw converter. As such and AFAIK it will not export layered Tiff.

    I have only played with it are you sure that you can export layered Tiff and how are the layers formed in COne in the first place? If you mean the local adjustment tool in COne creating layers I think this is only applied internally to the raw file and cannot be accessed outside of COne

    Again AFAIK when you export your raw edit you will have the choice of Tiff, Jpeg etc and the export will be a rendered file including all the effects of your edits but of course flattened to a single layer
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      Re: Capture one. Save tiff with adjustment layers?

      I never really cared for that feature. The application munches through too much cpu power just making a mask. None of the raw processors are that great in that regard. If they have the ability to output the mask as a decent alpha channel, it would be possible to script C1 to output several versions to approximate the effect of the masked internal layers. Resampling such as sharpening could screw it up though. Was the problem that you couldn't do this in photoshop?


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        Re: Capture one. Save tiff with adjustment layers?

        I used to do it, but I've reinstalled the system, and I am pretty sure it was a built in feature.

        You get a TIFF, with each adjustment layer being a raster with a mask (you get a couple of conversions in a single file, set up as layers, rather than checking and unchecking, and exporting each one individually, them merging them to psd.).

        Masks are useless, but you can refine them in PS. This saves me a lot of time, as I don't have to wait for each conversion to process, but rather output them all at once.


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