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Can you use a color image as a brush?

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  • Can you use a color image as a brush?

    I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to use a color image to define a brush, and if not that then something that would work the same way.

    For example: imagine you have a color image of a ladybug and you want to use the brush's scatter and jitter options to put out a bunch of them with the stroke of the brush. It looks like the brush only cares about bw information though so the color info doesn't stick. I tried to get this to work by making a pattern out of the image and then using the pattern stamp tool with scatter and jitter options but that also didn't work.

    Is there some way to accomplish this?

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    Re: Can you use a color image as a brush?

    Well I know that Illustrator does this.


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      Re: Can you use a color image as a brush?

      I believe adobe illustrator has that function although I haven't used AI for many years.


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        Re: Can you use a color image as a brush?

        Ive been after Adobe to get a full color brush capability for years. You are correct...Photoshop only has the ability to capture grayscale brushes and manipulate them.

        I used to use a $69 program called PaintShop Pro that had a capability called "tubes" that allowed you to put in full color images and stamp them.

        For now you might have to go outside Photoshop...then come back in.



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