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Looking for some advice from Pro Retouchers

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  • Looking for some advice from Pro Retouchers

    Hey everyone.
    After months of learning I think I may be reaching the point where I managed to reach a good level in Dodging and Burning, skin retouching and OK-ish eye fixing and pretty good Liquify-ing. However I still have huge problems retouching hair, especially hair that is straying away onto the background. I find that using the clone stamp tool makes things messy (When the background isn't white or has a gradient) and since I'm a perfectionist, well... Maybe I'm not using the right method or settings? Another important thing I really need to master perfectly is curves. At the moment I kinda just play around until I get it right but I'd love to be able to think like some of you guys who know the opposites of each curve channel by heart and know what they are gone get if they do this or this or this...

    Any advice for a keen apprentice on how to improve these skills?

    As a beauty and Fashion Photographer I think it's important for me to have full control over my images. I love to see a beautifully retouched image and I would very much like to reach the kind of level that people like Gry Garness, Pratik Naik or Natalia Taffarel have.

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    Re: Looking for some advice from Pro Retouchers

    There is no secret. They all use the same techniques. The difference between a pro and an amateur is the time. You need to practice more, more and more and most important of all, start (if you are not doing that yet) to look at awesome images, read Vogue as a Bible. Surround your self with beauty and continue to practice.

    Look for symmetry, look for beauty, look for nice shapes. Just practise. ;-)