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Completely New and feeling lost

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  • Completely New and feeling lost

    Ok... So I got my first DSLR (Nikon D3200) about a month ago and I have been playing with it trying to learn all the settings and take photos and whatnot... slowly I am starting to understand and grasp the concept behind the exposure triangle.

    I just recently (like 1 week) started playing in PSE12 and I have a laptop which doesn't exactly provide the best color and is really working against me when it comes to editing. I ended up with a photo of my daughter that I have been playing with but some people tell me they love it some say it's too grey some say I need to sharpen the image... How do I sharpen the image?

    Sorry y'all again I am new so forgive my lack of terminology lol


    I am also trying to figure out how to save the image small enough to attach...

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    Re: Completely New and feeling lost

    Finally!! haha Yay for free actions!! Ok so what can I do to fix this?

    Alexis Portrait_edited-6.jpg


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      Re: Completely New and feeling lost

      I did not sharpen. I played with levels & color adjustments.
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        Re: Completely New and feeling lost

        I think the background is too distracting , you need to working with the raw file ...
        I'm not a pro but this is my try
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          I'm not PRO too...

          The photograph at itself is nicely done. Eyes are perfect focused! But the foto to "flat" - the skin is pale and a baby has so nice red cheeks.
          So, I've play around with dodge&burn, levels and curves, saturation, vibrance and unsharp mask. Thats my interpretation.


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            Re: Completely New and feeling lost

            So how would I accomplish those skin tones in PSE12? Thanks for the kind words about the photo and I agree that the background could have been better haha but we were just playing around in my front yard I have the file as RAW but I can't post that big of a file in the forum lol


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              Re: Completely New and feeling lost

              The bright background with saturated colors is just distracting from your subject, especially given the . Understanding a bit about basic lighting and colors will help for future stuff, especially given the naturally delicate skintones of an infant. You can play with the color a bit, offsetting the background and maybe adding a little color to the child, but learning to pay attention in camera will go a lot further. The current generation of digital cameras is just amazing. Even a smartphone can take a nice vibrant image, so I don't think you will feel limited by hardware over the longer term.


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                Re: Completely New and feeling lost

                This is the colors and look I would use.
                Cute Baby!
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