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  • Colorization

    Upon reading a description from kndz, found here... , I got to thinking that kndz's technique might offer an interseting effect applied to a photo that was already a color photo. Following is an example, produced from an image I found on the internet.

    1 Duplicated the image.
    2 Converted the copy to grayscale.
    3 Selected the facial area of the color version.
    4 Pasted it onto a new layer in the grayscale version and lined
    it up.
    5 Set blend mode to color.
    6 Changed the opacity until it looked good to my eye, not sure
    of the exact percentage.
    7 Flattened layers and saved.

    Also, obviously I did touch up the blemishes and I did give her green eyes

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    Ken - nice job. I think I remember someone else mentioning this technique in a thread where someone was concerned about how flat their colorization looked. Of course, I'd forgotten until you mentioned it here. Thanks for the reminder!



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      Thanks for bringing that up Ken. I just tried it on one of my images, and it worked very well.



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        nice work ken
        a simple and effective technique indeed



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