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High Volume ecommerce catalogue retouching

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  • High Volume ecommerce catalogue retouching

    Hello there

    I recently saw two jobs advertised in London, one directly for an online retailer, the other at a 'factory' retouching studio but still doing ecommerce work. They both stated as a requirement that the retoucher had to be comfortable with retouching up to 70 images per day.

    I just wondered if anyone on here has experience of high volume ecommerce retouching? What sort of workflow process can accommodate this amount of images, do they just use Portraiture and other plugins? Some ecommerce work is actually well retouched, and usually a fair bit of time is need to make the clothes perfect, so I wonder how they cram it in? Perhaps they pay a bit extra initially to get perfect models so cut down on post?

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: High Volume ecommerce catalogue retouching

    Call Mumbai. They're experts at that.


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      Re: High Volume ecommerce catalogue retouching

      I know, I wouldn't have been surprised to see a job like this advertised there, but in London...
      Dont worry though, I didn't send in an application. I cant imagine feeling too good with myself after doing even one shift there, just curious to know how they can output that amount at a reasonable quality.


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