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  • From iOS to Photoshop

    Hi guys!

    I am new in this wonderful community, just wanted to share with you this hot tip. Now you can design complex color looks on your iPhone and then export it to your Photoshop Desktop installation, YEP!!

    Just like magic! Check it out!

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    Re: From iOS to Photoshop


    OP joined yesterday, just to push some commercial app.


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      Re: From iOS to Photoshop

      Hi redcrown.

      Not at all. I am a real person sharing your communitie's interests and I consider this valuable information: I want to get in touch with potential users through this kind of forums and get handy feedback about cinekolor.

      Feel free to reach with any feedback, hopefully more constructive

      Anyways if the admin doesn't like it. It's OK.

      Please have a great day.


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        Re: From iOS to Photoshop

        Design complex color looks on an OS that doesn't have a lick of color management? Not sure that's so useful.


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          Re: From iOS to Photoshop

          3D LUT's are not only for color profile management.

          In this case it's used to encode a 32bits color filter, working as a portable format to export a color filter between platforms.

          You or your clients can experiment on the go,w ith your iPhone and iPads, and then export this film grade 3D LUT easily sharing all your color look transformations from the iPhone to your Desktop.



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            Re: From iOS to Photoshop

            Originally posted by hassanvfx View Post
            3D LUT's are not only for color profile management.
            You're missing my point. Would you build this stuff on a grayscale display? In the video, there's a stinkin MacBook in front of the phone, why use the phone? Why use a kitchen knife as a screwdriver when you have a prefectly good screwdriver 6 inches away? Yes, I and my clients and futz around on a tiny non color managed screen, end up seeing the result of my work looking vastly different on the right tool. I don't see how this is at all useful, unless I'm prisoner in a car with my client and he demands I build him something there and then. On a phone.

            This looks to me like a solution in search of a problem. Sorry.


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              Re: From iOS to Photoshop

              OK thanks for Sharing your point .

              When some directors, photographers etc. are at the color correction room sometimes they cannot explain the colorist exactly what they want to see. So here's the scenario where they can easily create a ROUGH reference and instantly send it by email, so the colorist can better understand what they mean.

              This is just another pipeline helper, a creative tool to experiment everywhere.

              Cinekolor comes with the basic for color balancing ( exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation ) as well as split tone color balancing (midtones,highlights, shadows) and even primary and secondary color's saturation control and balancing. For the secondary correction you can tweak it by using the luminance curves (even per channel) and tint. And finally you can add a twist readjusting the final vibrance and saturation.

              All those operations are encoded into the 3D LUT in a manner that has never made before in a mobile device.

              It is really powerful the way you can turn the work you do on your phone into something that can be actually used as a reference or even, as a final look filter.

              For example for weddings or other events photography the customers can play with the filters in their phones just as they do with Instagram, and then just make the final choice. ( because apart of the 3D LUT you can share the filters by using itunes file sharing between Cinekolor installations ),

              As a tech lover I think it even worth just for the magic that it means: You can have a tool that is in many ways as powerful as a desktop software in your phone, and then transport this work into your desktop with a very high degree of accuracy in a manner that had never seen before.

              After all it cost less than what you usually pay for a parking spot.


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                Re: From iOS to Photoshop

                Interesting toy.


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                  Re: From iOS to Photoshop

                  Originally posted by AKMac View Post
                  Interesting toy.
                  But it's magic! And now we're being told it's accurate.


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                    Re: From iOS to Photoshop

                    You are creating a film grade 3D LUT based on the IRIDIAS CUBE format at a very high resolution (64 samples per size).... on your phone!!

                    That is in fact accurate and magic!


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                      Re: From iOS to Photoshop

                      IMHO, better to under sell and over deliver. But if you feel you're selling magic, good luck with that.


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                        Re: From iOS to Photoshop

                        I was about to comment "people still use cinecolor?" but it appears you made a slight variation on the name.


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                          Re: From iOS to Photoshop

                          Hi Hassan,

                          I like the Idea of your app and your portfolio:


                          you live in the future

                          Regards, Filip



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                            Re: From iOS to Photoshop

                            Thanks creative retouch!

                            This weekend cinekolor has gone free courtesy of and !

                            Search for cinekolor unlimited on the appstore




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