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  • Bending problem

    Hi, how you solve the bending problem? Please do not talk about noise and all the post stuff. I mean really, like you approach an image and work without bending?

    I'm retouching a car and I'm repainting the doors and after 5-6 gradients there is bending everywhere. I hate this thing because some times it happens and some times not.
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    Re: Bending problem

    It looks like you may need to work in 16bit.


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      Re: Bending problem

      Oh thanks...I will not have this problem in 16 bit?


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        Re: Bending problem

        Tested, cool, I love u!


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          Re: Bending problem

          You can still get banding in 16 bit but it is significantly less of a problem than in 8bit.


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            Re: Bending problem

            But why it happens? I mean i know it happens with complex gradients but why


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              Re: Bending problem

              The broader the color space the bigger chance that banding may occur so working in 8 bit ProPhoto would be a bad idea.

              Also if you're using Photoshop, make sure you zoom in 100%, or flatten the layers, the non 100% previews may show banding even though there is none.

              I've also found that adding a bit of noise helps to create smoother looking gradients.

              Here's a nice short article about bit depth and color spaces:


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