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  • Best video for D&B

    First of all I will apologise if this question is in the wrong place but i didn't know where else to put it. Can anyone tell me which of the many videos on here is the best at covering D&B. There seem to be many that cover end to end retouches but I specifically want to view one that covers the details of D&B.
    Regards Colin

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    Re: Best video for D&B

    The Art of Dodge & Burn by Krunoslav Stifter. It's not on here - you would have to purchase the DVD but it's on special discount offer and worth the money.


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      Re: Best video for D&B

      As far as I remember, since I watched it a long time ago, Amy Dresser "Face". She explains two Curves Adjustment layers method.
      I also like Calvin Hollywood method explained in Calvinize tutorial. But, it's not here neither.


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        Re: Best video for D&B

        I'm biased, of course, but Chris Tarantino's shows cover the DB in the most detail. It's interesting to compare and contrast his and Amy's DB techniques. Chris is more technical and Amy is more intuitive, but both do beautiful work.
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          Re: Best video for D&B

          Chris tutorials are great!


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            Re: Best video for D&B

            I don't really know how others do it, but I'm kind of a control freak and hate the way a lot of layers work. Personally I either use a duplicate of the background and the history brush to backtrack (picked that up from someone on here) or channel mixer** layers to allow for subtle color correction along with blending modes that allow for a nice brush buildup on the layer mask, and once again history states for corrective purposes. I hate the way brush flow works, and typically a dark color + linear dodge gives a nice somewhat logarithmic buildup on my layer mask. Some of the fine details have nothing to do with the actions themselves. If you find your work bleeding over too much where you don't want it, your brush may be too soft or your hand isn't steady. There are drawing exercises that can help with the latter as long as your tablet setup is comfortable. The former is something you learn to tune. The rest of it comes down to understanding the forms and your goals for a given image. Without understanding that your practice is more likely to hit a wall.

            ** Just a side note, but I probably use channel mixer more than anyone else. Because of that, I know exactly how to get the desired effect due to having analyzed its behavior. I like it because its buildup tracks quite well, especially when I only need to adjust the color by a few percentage points.


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