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Photo Retouch for bokeh/ film like qualities

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  • Photo Retouch for bokeh/ film like qualities

    Hi guys,

    I know this photo was taken on a Canon and yet it looks like legit film. I was wondering how can you produce bokeh/ lens glare/ split toning like this?
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    Re: Photo Retouch for bokeh/ film like qualities

    Too small to really see but start with a long lens at wide aperature. A 300mm 2.8 would do it. Split toning is easy to do in PS; I usually use a colour balance adjustment layer but there are other more, er, sophisticated ways of doing it. Works for me, though.


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      Re: Photo Retouch for bokeh/ film like qualities

      Photoshop has the lens Blur filter in which you can imitate the blur from camera lenses. You can make depth maps to make objects get more blurry the farther away they are. I love to have that option on images, after they are shot. The lens Blur is very slow though. Other plugins like Bokeh, Lens Effects, Focal point are way faster, but they cost.
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