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  • Severe Moire

    Hey all,

    haven't been here for a awhile and hope I get some pro help with this Moire that's killing me.

    Have used the following technique to no avail

    A new way to remove moire

    are there any other methods that work?

    I have had no issues removing the colour aspect, its just the luminosity that's causing the headache

    hope I someone can help and thanks in advance

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    Re: Severe Moire

    It's not apparent if you are trying to reduce the moire on a fabric and still need to have the texture remain or you need to have the texture completely removed from that area.
    If it is the former, try converting the image to LAB color. Select the L channel and go Image>Apply Image selecting the L channel, checking the Invert box, choose Difference Blend mode and reduce the opacity until you find the sweet spot which will vary depending on the resolution and size of your working file.
    If you want to remove the texture for the most part, try the same process but instead of difference mode use Hard Light or Linear Light. If these modes are used, you will need to apply a levels command to darken the L channel as the blue will be too bright.
    Cheers, Murray
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      Re: Severe Moire

      Hey Murray,

      Thanks for the response, am definitely trying to keep the texture of the suit if possible
      though the swirl patterns need to be gone, probably impossible without reintroducing the pattern from else which guess what I don't have - go figure! So if this is as close as I can get then fingers crossed its good enough.




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        Re: Severe Moire

        gave it a go, no luck seems this suit is destined to be tough thanks again


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          Re: Severe Moire

          Hi Risenshine - I know this is jumping in late yet:

          Do you have the original unprocessed image either as Raw or as uncompressed TIFF or minimally compressed JPEG and the full resolution (not downsampled). I suspect (though not sure)t that what you shared is already processed and there is a much better chance of helping with the original bits. Just a suggestion if there is any interest anymore.
          Last edited by John Wheeler; 07-16-2014, 06:21 AM. Reason: Corrected to be more specific with request


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            Re: Severe Moire

            OMG, John, you had me there for a second. I was like, what is he doing with the pure white layer when it can be done with a number of adjustment layers, but then I realized it was probably not to confuse the viewers.


            Well, how do we remove moire? By playing the differences in channels.

            Once you've painted the whole thing, you've made it monochrome(be it in color). So, we can no longer automatically target specific color variations.

            So, this is from february, but is applicable to any image.


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              Re: Severe Moire

              Originally posted by skoobey View Post
              OMG, John, you had me there for a second. I was like, what is he doing with the pure white layer when it can be done with a number of adjustment layers, but then I realized it was probably not to confuse the viewers.
              If not confusing the viewer were my objective, looks like I failed by confusing you I you have questions, feel free to ask or PM me. More than happy to answer any questions.

              Originally posted by skoobey View Post
              Well, how do we remove moire? By playing the differences in channels.
              Sounds interesting. Did you try and repair the OP's image with your approach? I certainly would be interested in more details of your approach in fixing that image as that would be really cool as another tool I would like to use. Thanks in advance if you have the time to take a shot at it.


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                Re: Severe Moire

                Well my approach and your approach are the same. Also, it can't be done on his image, as the OP colorized it.


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                  Re: Severe Moire

                  Thanks for the quick reply skoobee yet darn as i was hoping for a new tool for my toolbox

                  One additional thought for @risenshine though.

                  One thing that is always worth trying with sensor created Morié patterns or artifacting is using a different raw processor. They can yield different results as the demosaicing algoritms can be quite different in regards to generating (or not) Moiré and other artifacts.

                  Thought it was worth mentioning.


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                    Re: Severe Moire

                    Yes, Phase one fixes them like nobody's business.


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