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Tricky pattern or what?

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  • Tricky pattern or what?

    Hi Guys!

    I have problem with this texture. I don't know maybe my PS is broken? Often I use healing tool brush on split mode to improve skin or remove some imperfections from photo. Now i have this texture (it is cut form original full image) and it doesn't work...

    I tried Healing tool brush (with split and without) and it did some color blemish...

    and tried more...

    and more color side effect ;/

    Is the clone stamp only tool that I can use? I want use Split HP with Healing tool brush to protect texture.

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    Re: Tricky pattern or what?

    split frequency is vastly over used and probably what's messing you up. I mean use it if you want, but it's certainly not needed for what you're showing here. Just make a blank clone layer and use a SMALL clone or heal brush set to current layer and below. That dot is tiny, use a tiny brush.


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      Re: Tricky pattern or what?

      This has to be the worst I've seen in a long time. You don't need to split anything. I know some on here argue its advantages, but it doesn't prevent you from messing up the image. There is also nothing inherently less destructive about the healing brush. They're all just pixels. It is sloppy to cover an area 5 times the size when you just want to remove something tiny. A small clone stamp would be the easiest way to do this. Beyond that stop focusing too much on the tools. They are just there to enable your goals.

      I'll say it once more for emphasis. There is nothing about split frequency that prevents you from screwing up the texture. In the end you still have to rely on your own judgement. The reason I say this is because as soon as you start painting on one, it affects the look of the overall image. There's no way to ensure against an undesirable impact.


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        Re: Tricky pattern or what?

        I used split frequency and the blemish is gone.


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          Re: Tricky pattern or what?

          Originally posted by ---ROB--- View Post

          I used split frequency and the blemish is gone.
          Am I supposed to have user name and password to see it?

          Anyway, OP, use the batch tool, takes 1 sec to do.


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            Re: Tricky pattern or what?

            Originally posted by Aladdin View Post
            Am I supposed to have user name and password to see it?

            Anyway, OP, use the batch tool, takes 1 sec to do.
            Sorry my bad, working link:



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