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  • searching for a tutorial

    i've found a before and after photo retouching on a forum:

    i really like this kind of photography: nice color, nice glow (seems like a big brush preset there). Somebody know how was done and can recommend me a tutorial ?
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    Re: searching for a tutorial

    I am going to be blunt.

    You need to learn photoshop first, no tutorial will help if you don't know PS. What you see in the picture is Photoshop 101 ! basices. If you can't tell it is Lens Flare, it is layer mood, or a mask with soft semi transparent brush, then, no tutorial will help!


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      Re: searching for a tutorial

      Fast way, is to make a new layer, fill with black, and blendmode Screen, use Lens Flare Plugin ( 105 mm preferred ), and after that use Hiue & Saturation to color the light effect.


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        Re: searching for a tutorial

        From that photo I would have thought you could do it with a white to transparent grad set to soft light either on a dupe layer with opacity adjusted or on the image layer and then Edit->Fade. Is Lens Flare filter even necessary?


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