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  • Beginner Skin Retouching

    I am a new retoucher, and I am trying master skin retouching. I would love any tips on how to make this skin look more real, and not so muddy .
    I use a D&B technique .
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    Re: Beginner Skin Retouching

    Hi Galvin! Can you please share bigger images?


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      Re: Beginner Skin Retouching

      This is poorly lit. No point in trying to do detailed work on it. Start with something cleaner. There are plenty of free RAW images Under DAR Challenges section on modelmayhem


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        Re: Beginner Skin Retouching

        Thanks Skoobey ill Play with those!


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          Re: Beginner Skin Retouching

          Heres the link to the images


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            Re: Beginner Skin Retouching

            That you use a D&B technique is kind of irrelevant, because everyone does that. It's what you might call a first step. I actually prefer the flatter version. The lighting isn't anything special, but if you don't want it to look muddy, don't darken the image so much. You should be careful with the color of those lips. I see what appears to be clipping in some channel. I didn't sample it. It just looks like you're losing detail and shifting colors. The easiest way to make it feel less muddy would be better lighting. In post it would be a matter of creating some emphasis in the shot.


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              Re: Beginner Skin Retouching

              Actually, for a beginner, it is not bad at all, take the advices mentioned above and understand them.

              I did not spend much time looking at it, however, you need to pay attention to hair too, it needs clean up, trimming and you have to get rid of crossed hairs, the ones that go across, you got to get rid of them. However, your skin work is not bad at all, I am glad you left the pores intact!

              You are on the right track.


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                Re: Beginner Skin Retouching

                Originally posted by Aladdin View Post
                However, your skin work is not bad at all, I am glad you left the pores intact!

                You are on the right track.
                In spite of my slightly snarky initial response, I definitely agree with your words.


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