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Bath process to equalize skin tone?

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  • Bath process to equalize skin tone?


    I'm Brazilian photoshop user, don't speak a perfect English, forgive-me for that...

    I'm try equalize skin tones of a lot images with different luminance. How can I get make this?

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    Re: Bath process to equalize skin tone?

    WHat do you want to do?

    Do you want all of them to have same overall tone? Yes you can do batch processing?
    Do you want to do color correction among various tons in 1 picture? No batch processing?

    Here is how to do batch processing:

    1- create action to perform whatever task you want color balance, preset, etc, etc
    2- write down the name of the action and the Action Set it belongs to.
    3- Go to File > Automate > Batch , once there, specify the action set and the action you like to run , specify where you want to save.

    That is all to it.


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      Re: Bath process to equalize skin tone?

      Yes, I want the images have the same tone and mostly light but without having to do one by one ... I have about 900 pictures to make in a short period.

      The batch processing photoshop I already know.

      Yes, I would like to correct the brightness to equalize the images so that they are within the same color space skins.


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        Re: Bath process to equalize skin tone?

        Use Lightroom?


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          Re: Bath process to equalize skin tone?

          Originally posted by skoobey View Post
          Use Lightroom?
          X10 - easier choice!


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            Re: Bath process to equalize skin tone?

            I have Lightroom but don't know use.... and, the images are PSD now.. but what is the steps you make this in Lightroom?


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