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Share color quality from one photo to another?

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  • Andrew B.
    Re: Share color quality from one photo to another?

    Never mind. I just figured it out. It's Image, Adjustments, Match Color.

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  • Andrew B.
    started a topic Share color quality from one photo to another?

    Share color quality from one photo to another?

    I used to perform an operation in Photoshop that used a standard (but not well-known) ability, but I forgot how to do it. And so there is no confusion, I'm not talking about a layer technique or color blending mode or combining two images so one is superimposed or merged with another.

    What I used to do is tell Photoshop the source image and destination image and it would take the color characteristics from the source, find close colors on the target, and adjust the target to be similar to the source. An example of how I used this was in a photoshoot where a few pictures the color temperature was all wrong. So I just took good picture from the same location in the shoot, and had Photoshop use it to adjust the colors in the bad photo.

    I thought this was some place in Photoshop's Apply Image feature, but all I see there is blending modes that work directly with pixels that are in the same location in both pictures.

    Does anyone know the feature I'm talking about?

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