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  • Photoshop Elements Help for Student

    Hi Everyone, so I have my first Photoshop tutoring session tomorrow. I'm actually going to be starting by teaching her Lightroom, but she recently took an underwater photo class and she is taking the images and putting them on plates. She needs to crop the images to a circle. Obviously this is very easy in Photoshop, but the catch is she has Photoshop Elements 6. I'd like to show her how to do it in Elements since that is what she owns, but to be honest I've never used it! I know it's meant to be user friendly. Is this something you can do in Elements? I'm currently going through Adobe TV's videos on Elements, but I can get this simple question answered by googling. Thanks so much!!

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    Re: Photoshop Elements Help for Student

    First select the elliptical marquee tool : it's nested with the rectangular marquee tool on the tool palette. Right click to toggle.
    Then put your cursor on the center of the image (showing rulers should help)
    Hold shift and Alt key pressed and draw the circle from its center until it reaches the sides of the image.
    Invert selection (menu selection, shortcut shift Ctrl I) and delete.

    Is ist so different from Photoshop ?


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      Re: Photoshop Elements Help for Student

      Awesome! Thank you Michael. Yes it is basically just a stripped down version of Photoshop. It's simplicity is actually refreshing! Perfect for a beginner. I was able to find a great introduction on I'm sure the shift-alt shortcut is the same since it has the elliptical marquee? I guess I'll find out!


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