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Preparing for a retouch for adidas.

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  • Preparing for a retouch for adidas.

    Making some progress with displacement maps. I have to do something very very similar for Adidas next week so I figured I'd grab some images from google and work out the logistics. I pathed out the palm of each hand and painted (fairly quickly) over the original graphic. Then I created a displacement map for the game of thrones graphic. Looks like a good starting point. I'm excited to get in there and dig in to the actual select.

    Other than painting a new glove and using a displacement map or depth map how else would one go about swapping such a busy graphic on some gloves? is there an easier way?

    here is a link to the photo.

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    Re: Preparing for a retouch for adidas.

    thats the way I would do it, unless you can get the images shot with white gloves


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      Re: Preparing for a retouch for adidas.

      That seems like a great strategy.


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        Re: Preparing for a retouch for adidas.

        It went wonderfully. Took a bit of time. but turned out pretty good. Ill post before and afters when and if i ever get the go ahead.

        Thanks guys for the feed back. I'm hoping to get some better pieces for my portfolio, so I can try to start freelancing. I love my agency but The work has been slow. I know happy finish just opened a their first US location in Portland Oregon, where I am. So eventually in a few years I'd love to be represented by them. but for now i'm just trying to find clients that arent of the model mayhem variety. haha


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          Re: Preparing for a retouch for adidas.


          New Jersey has dropped. Here's the image.


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