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Possible to do a partial lens correction vignette?

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  • Possible to do a partial lens correction vignette?

    I have a large series of photographs that I've taken that have some dark vignetting around the the bottom edge due to my soft boxes not doing a good job of providing even thorough lighting. While I plan on using a possible solution to the lighting issue on my next go round of photography I'm still left with hundreds of photos with the dark vignetting.

    It's really only an issue on the bottom edge so I've used the Vignette option in the Lens Correction filter set to +20. This pretty much does the trick, but on the top of the photo it's just a little too much.

    My current solution is to create a mask and just wipe away the white vignette that is being applied at the top of the photo.

    This is a step I'd rather not take so I was hoping there might be some option (or maybe even a filter that has already been created by someone else) for creating this white vignette on only part of the photo which in my case is just the entire bottom edge.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Possible to do a partial lens correction vigne

    That is the correct way to do it. And this is why lighting is important, so we don't spend excess time in post.


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      Re: Possible to do a partial lens correction vigne

      OK, thanks. Well, at least I know I'm doing it the right way. The lighting is a bit out of my hands as I'm not a professional and learning as I go along. Additionally, considering that I'm zoomed in with a 200mm kit lense there is some additional vignetting purely from lense distortion and not necessarily from the lack of proper lighting (although lighting is indeed a good bit of the problem). I've tried the Nikon 105mm macro lense as well as the 40mm and I think either of those will improve some things drastically for me.


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        Re: Possible to do a partial lens correction vigne

        If you have a fairly recent copy of PS, you can take the photo into Camera Raw and use the radial filter tool. Make your oval large enough and position it so that it mostly effects the bottom of the photo and some of the top, and then adjust your exposure up to where it looks good. You can still play with the positioning and sizing before committing. If your vignetting is fairly consistent, in PS you can then go to Filter, and choose Camera Raw at the top of the list and it will apply the same reverse vignette on the next photo(s). You could also open several photos at a time in Camera Raw and synchronize the settings. If you have Lightroom, you can also use the radial filter tool and then copy and apply to successive photos.


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          Re: Possible to do a partial lens correction vigne

          I'm aware this is a retouching forum but if you have hundreds of pictures with a strong vignette that you don't want I would strongly recommend to fix that in-camera/lighting next time. Saves you headaches and work



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