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Editing / Toning like this (Sam Robinson)

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  • Editing / Toning like this (Sam Robinson)

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum.
    Starting with a question, of course.

    I'm just working on a look like this

    Can you help me, how to achieve that toning / look?

    I'm working on a raw file, which i can't upload here. But if I got the Look, I will do some by myself! Of course, it's important to shoot with wide aperture, back light. Pretty sure white reflectors.

    But what about the post-processing? How to do that color toning? Additional flare is no problem at the end, i guess.
    Maybe someone got some hints? Or has done something similar?

    Hope you can help me.



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    Re: Editing / Toning like this (Sam Robinson)

    You can do that multiple ways, but try pulling up the low end of the red channel curve to give the reds in darker areas a boost. He's either warming up shots with this or in some cases raising the green curve to give it a more 'cinematic' look.

    Play around with shadows in Color Balance (leave the preserve luminosity ticker on, that will give a contrast boost while you're adjusting sliders).

    Simple steps, do not overkill, these shots are supercool because they're sort of alive, not the grumpy sad dull fashion kind of thing.


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      Re: Editing / Toning like this (Sam Robinson)

      Yes, they're so alive. Really love that!
      Thanks for the curves hint. That's what I was trying, too. Think I'm on the right way then.


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        Re: Editing / Toning like this (Sam Robinson)

        As far as the individual blouses, you will need to boost the color, not through saturation, you will need "pop" the colors through LAP.


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          Re: Editing / Toning like this (Sam Robinson)

          Thanks! Tried the pop-thing. Looks great!


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