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  • keyboard shortcut problem

    Hi, Normally when I press the alt/opt key and click on the eyeball next to a layer in the layer stack, it hides all other layers except the layer that I clicked on. This keyboard shortcut is not working on the file I am currently working on. It works however on all other files. Any ideas what is wrong? It's frustrating me. I am on a mac using photoshop CC14. Thanks.

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    Re: keyboard shortcut problem

    Sorry, I would delete this post but don't know how. I was in quick mask which was why keyboard short cut was not working.


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      Re: keyboard shortcut problem

      I hate quick mask!!! sometime it gets activate by mistake. If you are not aware, it creates havoc! things don't work, all sort of crazy stuff. I learned, whenever something funny is going on, my first stop is the quick mask button. Works every time.


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        Re: keyboard shortcut problem

        Yep, happened to me too, and I learned it was the quick mask (press q to deactivate it).


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