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why is the refresh rate slower in lab mode?

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  • why is the refresh rate slower in lab mode?


    why is the refresh rate slower in lab mode?

    for example i load an image , rgb , ad an adjustament layer -> curve and i start to play with curve -> the refresh is instantaneous (i mean the image become more dark or lighter instantaneous )

    but if i load an image -> conver in lab mode , the refresh rate is slower

    i tried cc and cs6 too, same behavior under w8.1 64 and w7 64bit

    5d mark 2 image , jpg , zoom actual size

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    Re: why is the refresh rate slower in lab mode?

    You need more ram.


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      Re: why is the refresh rate slower in lab mode?

      What skoobey said. I'm using a MAC with 6GB of RAM and both color spaces refresh at the same speed. CC and CS6.


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