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  • Gail Albert Halaban

    Cool color tones, it would seem emulation Kodak portra 400, but not completely safe, the tests I've done are different.
    We know who works in digital but ... someone knows how emulate wherein colors with lightroom?
    Please help

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    Re: Gail Albert Halaban

    Visco Cam has great lightroom presets to emulate different films.

    Now, both of these have been locally adjusted/retouched, meaning there was Photoshop involved.


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      Re: Gail Albert Halaban

      The second image is just warm, with the shadows looking a little bit desaturated. But it seems to just be the nature of the buildings.

      Only the first image is particularly interesting. On the left of the couch it's blue do to the shadows cast by the sun. But other than that, the person is shot pretty neutral. There is subtle photoshop but I think that its more subtle than you may think.

      My quick take is that:
      I'd desat the blues a little,
      push my highlights down to increase the apparent dynamic range,
      open up the shadows to get a nice smooth flow into the blacks if any,
      Add a little red to the midtones
      make sure the highlights have a touch of warmth



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