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Bride looking for someone to help retouch pictures

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  • Bride looking for someone to help retouch pictures

    Hi everyone,

    I apologize in advance if this posted in the wrong thread. An ever so kind person directed me to this forum...

    Anyways, as the title suggests, I'm getting married. My photographer does minor photoshopping (smoothing skin, wrinkles, etc), however I sadly need a bit more help. Due to a rare illness, my hairline is starting to thin as well as my skin has dark gray spots. I have a noticeable bald spot in the center of my hairline. It's my wedding pics so I want them to be perfect. I've been rather upset since my photographer brushed off my issues.

    If anyone here is interested in working with me, please do reply. I don't have the exact number of pictures yet. It'll be a comfort just knowing I'll have someone great willing to pick up where my photographer left off.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Bride looking for someone to help retouch pict

    High end retouching is pretty pricey. So, this might be viable for a couple of shoots you're going to frame, but definitely no the whole wedding album.

    It would cost the same if you just hired an airbrush artist for your skin issues, and a good hair artist that can offer the solution for your hairdo, such as different style, extensions, or even a weave. It's about you feeling great on your wedding day, so this might be something that helps you do that, rather than affect just the images.


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      Re: Bride looking for someone to help retouch pict

      That's along the lines of what I was thinking! How much on avg would ~20 pics run?

      I have hired a really good makeup artist, so hopefully that helps some. My hair can't hold extensions or a weave (it can't handle the weight bc it's so weak. My real hair falls with with the extension attached). Though, your message reminds me to check out other hair options, so thanks for the reminder!!!

      I appreciate the response


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        Re: Bride looking for someone to help retouch pict

        I don't do this kind of stuff, so I can't tell how much it would cost, especially without seeing the images, but for just a couple of fixes(not doing a fashion or commercial retouch), I'm guessing up to 30$ an image, based on the rate retouchers charge for restoring scans, but could be considerably more if the initial image differs from the desired result considerably. Hair is the trickiest thing to retouch, it might not be in your case, but in general it is, especially when it's a close up, and you can see every strand.

        Good news is that you don't have to retouch them all at once, nor you need to retouch all of them by the same retoucher(you might want to for consistency, but it's really not a necessity).

        Even better news is that you don't really have to care about any of this, it's your day to celebrate love, life and enjoy the moment, and all of these things are really secondary.

        Find makeup and hair artist that can bring results that you're pleased with, and don't worry, retouching will always be there as an option.

        Important: Make sure you tell your photographer to shoot RAWs, and that he is okay with that, as well as giving you RAWs of your favorite shoots, that would make retouching process easier/yield better results. This is something photographers may often find as an insult, as you're basically looking for a digital negative, so be patient and try to explain that it's for extra retouching etc. Photographer might only agree, if he is the one communicating to the retoucher, it's a bit of a fiddle, but if you're only supplied with images that are retouched with less care, it's impossible to get that detail back.


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          Re: Bride looking for someone to help retouch pict

          I've worked for wedding Photographers, both assisting and retouching. We have to colour match and process large amounts of files quickly but still keep a high standard. Its a different ball game to High End retouch but there is still an art to it, usually acquired by practice.

          Let me know (PM) what you are after and I'll be happy to help and give a quick price.

          As Skoobey stated - As retouchers we need RAW files! Makes working so much easier, especially with batch editing.


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