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  • D810 RAW file edit

    Has anybody managed to load D810 images in NX2 and edit them ?

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    Re: D810 RAW file edit

    As you have obviously found out Nikon Capture NX2 does not offer support for D810 nor will it be updated to offer support.

    If you really must use NX2 then I am aware of one tool that may do the job Raw2Nef


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      Re: D810 RAW file edit

      Oddly, I tried ViewNX to open a sample D810 file and it failed. I had it check for updates and it said none were available. I downloaded the NX2 trial and it also failed to open the D810 file. However, the NX2 trial had a popup telling me there was a new version of ViewNX, so I downloaded and installed it and it opens the D810 file just fine.

      Photoshop CC 2014 opened the file, as did Lightroom 5.6.

      If anyone else wants to test, here's the D810 NEF file I used:
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