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  • Creamy look


    I love the creamy look of the following indoor shots (Model name Vika):

    So how is that achieved? Moste of the images have a shallow DoF and on the skin you can notice some sort of portraiture softening. Other then that I do like the color!


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    Re: Creamy look

    Skin work has been discussed to death a million different times. Don't overdo it. Make sure you know facial anatomy so that you can preserve various structures. Some of these are a bit overdone in that regard relative to my own taste. I can however give you some advice on the details.

    The eyes and lips have their own work, but let's concentrate on skin, since that seems to be your concern. The skintone probably received some color correction independent of other elements. The eyes and lips may have required adjustment to look correct alongside it. The backgrounds are definitely offset somewhat to bring your gaze back to the subject. Aside from lighting and the real detail stuff, that is the real pivotal item here. Your skintone is adjusted to fall within a range of what the artist considers pleasing, and the background is offset so as not to produce too close a visual response relative to the skintone. I think the actual smoothing is a bit heavy for my taste. For example shadows don't work that way across anyone's forehead. It's too spherical when examined over a very small portion.


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