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Healing Brush Tool and Clone Tool In Photoshop

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  • Healing Brush Tool and Clone Tool In Photoshop


    Its my Great Pleasure as Today I have Joined Here.

    For Skin Retouching which Tool is very Useful for Spot and Color Correction.

    Healing Brush or Clone Tool?

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    Re: Healing Brush Tool and Clone Tool In Photoshop

    It depends on the condition of the skin and surrounding area. As far as color correction, neither one, wrong tools.


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      Re: Healing Brush Tool and Clone Tool In Photoshop

      Thank you so much Aladdin. Could you please tell me what are the main Essential tools are Used in Color Correction?


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        Re: Healing Brush Tool and Clone Tool In Photoshop

        Curves, hue saturation, and also color balance, selective color.


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