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Face retouche with a big pores

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  • Face retouche with a big pores

    Hi guys
    I'm retouching portrait and got a question
    So I've already did D&B getting rid of a small defects and making pores less visible. If I go on with D&B I will have "plastic skin".
    The question is - How to make skin look more attractive and natural in the same time?
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    Re: Face retouche with a big pores

    I would work on the low frequency layer to get rid of skin flares & balance the color.
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      Re: Face retouche with a big pores

      Hi, and I would try to color correct this image as well.
      Regards, Filip

      Oh - sorry, Chillin adviced you to do so too.

      A unique collection of photographs created by a widely-traveled photographer: beautiful images taken all around the world.


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        Re: Face retouche with a big pores

        DNB is about enhancing contrast. Key to not looking plastic, is to preserve sharp transitins where they naturally exist, like around the nose bones, eye bags, chin, lips...


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          Re: Face retouche with a big pores

          To me the pores aren't too large or too rough. You probably just want better uniformity, but it's very easy to overdo it. I would probably start with the greatest outliers when smoothing. You should try to maintain a steady hand, and you should pay attention to which ones you adjust. At a broader level than this, you'll also notice certain boney structures and facial muscles. While doing this work, you also have to watch out for those things.


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            Re: Face retouche with a big pores

            Thank you guys
            By color correction and removing flares and leaving this pores as is I can achieve more natural results


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              Re: Face retouche with a big pores

              Natural is not the word. Pleasing could be, appealing also. The whole point of retouching is to go from natural to art.


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