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  • reverse logo

    Attached is a copy of a logo - black type on white BG. How would I reverse the type to white and make the BG transparent? I would like to overlay the white logo onto a photo.
    Thanks in advance.

    Al Lewek

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    Re: reverse logo

    No attachment. If you press ^I, it will reverse the logo, since it is black on white. White is the neutral color for the blend mode multiply. If you choose it (multiply), the combo of layers will show the blend automatically.


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      Re: reverse logo

      Sorry, I forgot to attache the image. Thanks very much for the info. I'll try that .
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        Re: reverse logo

        Duplicate the back ground layer, select the new layer, go to channels palate, Control+click on any channel, this will select the logo. Hit Control+Shift+I, this will reverse the selection, hit "Back Space" to delete the selection, which is the black, then, delete the original background on the bottom. Save as .png file to preserve the transparency for future use.


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          Re: reverse logo

          As a B/W image you can also go to the channels drop down menu and click the dash circle at the bottom which will create a 'dancing ant' selection around the logo. Any colour can then be applied through this mask whilst retaining a transparent background (or colour if preferred).


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