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Turn athletes into greek Gods (Tim Tadder)

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  • Turn athletes into greek Gods (Tim Tadder)


    Any ideas how to achieve this look?

    Dunk the models in baby oil and then use the plastic wrap filter?

    Best regards


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    Re: Turn athletes into greek Gods (Tim Tadder)

    Use those as a reference, but I did something like this, and I did it with pen tool to create sharp edges of highlights, and then painted with white, or DNBed accordingly.

    P.S. Cristian Girotto retouched these ,so you may ask him directly


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      Re: Turn athletes into greek Gods (Tim Tadder)

      This kind of effect was used for a Naomi Campbell photoshoot a few months back:

      It was basically some sort of liquid acrylic-latex sort of thing, most likely sprayed on her skin.


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