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  • Michael Woloszynowicz

    does anyone here has experience with
    I am interested to buy this one but I am looking for real opinion from you guys I know well PS and Lr and C1. I want to learn new skills for beauty retouching. I saw many tuts on youtube but I didn't find something very good. I watched Natalia Tafarel video and Krunoslav Stifter. thank you for any help

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    Re: Michael Woloszynowicz

    It's about whether you like someone's teaching style or not. I think that what Michael teaches is solid, and it's all a matter of taste from there.

    Search harder, plenty of good stuff on youtube.
    Also, remember that nothing replaces hard work, you need to put in the hours to become good.


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      Re: Michael Woloszynowicz

      I have this and could say I didn't learn anything new. You can watch his videos on YouTube and basically see what teaches in the tutorial.


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        Re: Michael Woloszynowicz

        I agree with Bettelyoun, there's not really anything in the series that you couldn't learn elsewhere.

        I have found Natalia and Krunoslav's videos more beneficial.


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          Re: Michael Woloszynowicz

          Yes. I have one and I agree with Bettelyoun.


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            Re: Michael Woloszynowicz

            I think many are expecting to find that one secret that will let them create magic. Truth being, there is no magic, just lots of patience.


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              Re: Michael Woloszynowicz

              hi everyone thank you so much for help I am really appreciate for your help. thank you


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