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Copyright problem or something like that

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  • Copyright problem or something like that

    Hi retouchers,

    I found on the internet some very high beauty RAW files. They are amazing photos. I don't want to share his name for several reason because I don't want to "steal" anything. I just want to ask what is the situation here?

    The photographer shared the RAW files on his website and said;
    google translator:

    " I decided to share some of your RAW files. You can train them and keep them for yourself, or show altered asking for feedback on forums etc. Just showing somewhere in your retouching, insert a link to this page.
    However, do not allow the publication of these photos in the portfolios retouching (for several reasons, it is useless to dwell on this subject). "

    I don't want to sell just use them in my web portfolios (with credits) nothing else. No commercial use or anything like that.

    my colleague said if someone share photos on the internet I can use them but I'm not sure.

    What do you think?
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    Re: Copyright problem or something like that

    He obviously doesn't want the unaltered version published. Anywhere.

    And your colleges is wrong. I suspect English is not your first language, so I won't get into legalities which can vary widely from country to country. But simply respecting someone's stated wishes should be enough.

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      Re: Copyright problem or something like that

      I agree. I sometimes ask photographers to send me some pic to update my retouch portfolio and not only it's obvious that I will never publish any before and after but some of the photographers only accept to send me some of their images because I will not publish them online anywhere. As a photographer (I used to earn money from that, now I am mostly a retoucher) I would say I totally understand this. You can't have your photos on the web retouched randomly. Especially when it comes to models you can't just share unwarranted versions of the original shot on the internet. It dimishes and puts into question the photographer's name.


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