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  • Product imagery/Cars/Clothes etc

    Hi, I'm trying to get my first retouching job - I need some help/advice tips from pro's that do this kind of thing day to day.

    Basically i'm wondering how you would go about matching colours of products/clothes/cars etc between imagery so they are totally consistent throughout? What are the best ways?

    Thanks alot

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    Re: Product imagery/Cars/Clothes etc

    Looking at them side by side.


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      Re: Product imagery/Cars/Clothes etc

      Originally posted by skoobey View Post
      Looking at them side by side.

      Start by making a visual judgement. Working by numbers is rarely as simple as it sounds, because there's often a complex interplay of Hue, Tone, Saturation, Ambient Colour and adjacent contrasts involved.

      However, if its simply changing the Hue, and all other image elements are the same, then go by numbers.


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        Re: Product imagery/Cars/Clothes etc

        I use the eyeball method too. But one thing to be careful of is that sometimes screens are not consistent across there face. Some are green to one side and magenta on the other, etc. So it's often helpful to do a copy merge of an area of the master image and bring it into the image you're matching to it, so as to get the colors as close as possible to each other and without borders etc between them.


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          Re: Product imagery/Cars/Clothes etc

          Yes, definitely at least make the comparison with both images side by side on the same monitor, and swap over left to right to double check. Dragging the reference image into the target is best.


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            Re: Product imagery/Cars/Clothes etc

            keep the profiles consistent and check your channels when changing colors.


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              Re: Product imagery/Cars/Clothes etc

              Glad you guys swap image positions within the screen too - thought it was only me just 'seeing things'. Anyways, I get agreement on a target colour with the client and then paste that as a layer onto all the other files for reference. Numbers are good but as already mentioned they often don't tell the whole story so trust your peepers!


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