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Why is retouching default = faces?

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  • Why is retouching default = faces?

    Go to google. Search for "retouching". Switch to image mode.

    Behold the acres of faces. I only saw one non-face image on the entire page before loading more results, and that was of a torso. After loading more results I got maybe 5 non-face results.

    Is this just a quirk of the google algorithm, or do faces really dominate retouching to that degree?

    Are product shots, landscapes, architectural, even fashion just a blip on the radar compared to faces?
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    Re: Why is retouching default = faces?

    I guess it's because retouched faces have more effect when it comes to "before after". Or maybe because when someone wants to show a retouched picture, they focus more on the faces and that's what google find on most of it's results.


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      Re: Why is retouching default = faces?

      And most are before/afters. not to mention examples of horrible work. Only a few actual retouching jobs, others results are from amateur exercises... oh well... this goes with my theme from the other day. Why do people look for bad tutorials first? Because google offers them first.


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