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The single most important retouching thread ever

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  • The single most important retouching thread ever

    The web is awash with OK retouching. Not quite there, but you can see they're trying, and want to be better.

    They've learned the software. They've at least heard of the techniques, from here or elsewhere. But maybe it's just not quite gelling for them yet.

    What is the one thing that you wish you could teach all the aspiring retouchers out there? The one single piece of advice you'd telepathically beam out there if you could?

    That single tip that might give them that extra push from "pretty good" to "wow".
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Re: The single most important retouching thread ev

    I would say patience is the key: retouching can be expensive and often takes longer than anticipated. (It also takes more patience to work in say 600dpi than 300dpi, and making sure the hard-copy matches the original, but your customers will appreciate it!)

    On a business-related note, if you explain your own costs (computer, ink, time spent) to customers they will usually be more patient with you also when it comes to deadlines and money.


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      Re: The single most important retouching thread ev

      Ergonomically: even the most arcane of functions is seldom more than a four-button shortcut away, and you'd be surprised by quite how much your workflow improves once menus are no longer a factor.

      Technically: colour-theory.


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        Re: The single most important retouching thread ev

        I would suggest them to be aware of the difference between perfect retouching and excessive retouching work. Its very important I guess so.


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          Re: The single most important retouching thread ev

          Put your completed and retouched image away for an hour or two... or a day or two...and then come back to see if you still like your choices. Have another pair of eyes comment on your work.


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            Re: The single most important retouching thread ev

            I agree with Ray. I have found that not working for long periods of time on one photo and putting the photo away for a while and looking at it later helps my quality a lot.


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