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Do you keep your "old photos?

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  • Do you keep your "old photos?


    I've been retouching since 2012 and I just realized my old photos are not so perfect
    I learned a lot in the last year and my older photos have some oversaturation and discoloration. I don't know if I should keep or fix them? They are on my website and on community sites.
    I still have the TIFF files.

    So, What is your advice? Delete, keep or fix them?

    Thank you

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    Re: Do you keep your "old photos?

    My advice comes from being a forum admin, not as a retoucher. But I think you should leave them be, at least on community sites. They're educational, and seeing the progress can be inspirational. On your own website, however...there you might want to fix or replace them.

    Now that I think of it, fixing them and appending them to your forum posts might be a good move both for you and for the others in the community. Appending, not replacing. It would illustrate your growth and show that they can do it, too.
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      Re: Do you keep your "old photos?

      If they are posted to show your retouching capability I would either improve or delete them from public view. We all move forwards and unless they are demonstrating your progress over time serve little purpose. I still hold on to 25 years of digital files and it's fun to revisit from time to time but even if the retouching still holds up the product/content dates the images!


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        Re: Do you keep your "old photos?

        As you have the tiff file so I would suggest you to fix the older one! No need to delete them but as you are getting expert now so you should edit them for sure.


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          Re: Do you keep your "old photos?

          Thanks for the answers guys. I decided to fix some of them.
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