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A more comfortable way of Frequency Separation

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  • A more comfortable way of Frequency Separation

    Hi everyone. I just found a more comfortable way of doing frequency separation. I always wanted to see both frequencies when choosing the blur amount. So I made an action that shows high pass and blur at the same time.
    Here is a screenshot of it.
    And the attached action file (I've tested it only on PS CC)
    Does anyone have a better solution?
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    Re: A more comfortable way of Frequency Separation

    This seems smart to me. I haven't tried it yet, but thanks for sharing!
    Possibly a checkerboard pattern would be even better?

    --shift studio.


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      Re: A more comfortable way of Frequency Separation

      Awesome Action Thanks for Sharing


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        Re: A more comfortable way of Frequency Separation

        Checkerboard doesn't let me go for high radiuses (preview) if needed. But there is a bug in the action now as it doesn't remember the blur amount to use it again in the next separation. Im now working on it to make it repeat the blur with the same radius. That's because if I press CMD+F it doesn't record as a repeating action, instead it records the exact setting of it.


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          Re: A more comfortable way of Frequency Separation

          Awesome. Thanks


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