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  • Colors!!!

    Hallo Folks, I suppose there was so many threads about color toning and color grading, would you suggest me the best threads about that,
    I would like to achive something like that if someone know the particular actions, what to do...
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    Re: Colors!!!

    There most definitely are no actions beyond setting up the file. That action is called being a master.

    Image on the left-no flash, image on the right-flash.

    Cyan-red color palette, adding in contrast where needed, reshaping where needed, and shading where needed combined with local and global color adjustments.

    Why was Donatello better at drawing than most people? Because he perfected his craft. Photography and retouching is not something you set out to do, it's a process.

    That being said, there are A LOT of great topics on this forum, and in order to make something like the image above no matter the input, I would have to suggest you read a lot of them, like hundreds. It's the only way. Can't play if you don't know the notes.

    Check out the video rentals on this site, they'll give you amazing inputs if you are starting off and are a great value.

    Visual arts is something you have to love, but if you do, you'll have fun while learning; I know I had a blast!


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