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Mask Overlay Preview - wheres the red gone?

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  • Mask Overlay Preview - wheres the red gone?

    Quick question,

    so when working with masks in photoshop on my laptop, using the "/" i get the nice red 50% overlay to see where my mask is..

    on my iMac, for some reason it goes black, i've probably changed a setting accidentally, but where is it?


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    Re: Mask Overlay Preview - wheres the red gone?

    Double click on the Quick Mask icon and reset.


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      Re: Mask Overlay Preview - wheres the red gone?

      thats what i thought, but it's not Quick Mask i mean, normal mask, and cant see a reset option


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        Re: Mask Overlay Preview - wheres the red gone?

        click on your mask to make it active, go to the channels pallet and double click on your mask there. it will open the color options.


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          Re: Mask Overlay Preview - wheres the red gone?

          The color is set for the mask by double clicking on the channel but, if ONLY that channel is visible, it always previews black. You have to have another channel selected to see the set color.


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