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  • Layers?

    I am beginner, I have 10 layers How do I copy the layers and flat image although I still have the regular layers as well?

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    Re: Layers?



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      Re: Layers?

      Just use the move tool and drug all the layers for selecting them all.


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        Re: Layers?

        I think he was looking for the 'stamp visible' feature chaps as the first reply covered!


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        • AKMac
          Locking Multiple Layers
          by AKMac
          Is there a way of locking multiple layers in PS5, other than doing so one-by-one? I don't want to lock all parameters, just pixels.
          03-17-2012, 04:07 PM
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          Flatten vs Merge
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          Hi All!

          Can anyone answer what is the difference between Flattening an image vs Merging Visible? I really do not know what the difference between them are.

          Thanks Again!
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        • Sharon
          Merge Layers Tip
          by Sharon
          In PhotoShop Versions 5 & 6, to have a flattened layer above your individual layers you do the following:

          1. Create a new layer above all your other layers.
          2. Hold down the Alt key.
          3. Go to Layers, Merge Visible

          Now your have a flattened version...
          12-12-2001, 03:10 PM
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          Hello fellow retouchers!

          I'm an intermidiate user of PhotoShop (CS3) and started out 2002. I still have alot to learn

          I like to do glamour retouching and I work with amature photos that I edit greatly. I use layers for everything, every little edit. Like for instance...
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          The limit??? Over 210 layers- yes limits!
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          And I was trying to make "new group"- and nothing happened. I have reach the limit of Photoshop CS3... Should I ask Adobe to return money?

          as a attachment "" I put maximum down-sized original .psd file with all layers....
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