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  • Color grading

    Does anyone have any idea about this color techniques.

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    Re: Color grading

    You accomplish the heavy lifting by limiting the range of specific color channels. You might notice that the deepest portions tend to converge to something between a blue and a magenta tone. That occurs when your lowest red and blue channel values are higher than your lowest green. You can see the evidence of this by looking at the shadows. They are still dark but not as dark as you might expect. The highlights are actually much more normal.

    This also has other retouching to accent things like eyes, cheeks, and abs. You have to keep that in mind. Retouching of smaller details is reasonably subtle, but work was definitely performed on these things. Make sure that you do not mix the two up when you try to interpret your success with the attempted match.


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      Re: Color grading

      You can use curves as one of possible ways.


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