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  • Can you help???

    Hy,so i found this photo and i really like the style,colors,everything and would like if you can help me dissect the way this picture is retouch,tnks very much!!

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    Re: Can you help???

    The bike itself was sharpened in some way. I can't tell exactly what method was used for that.

    The range was limited after that. You can accomplish that using curves by pulling the white point down and the black point up.

    The sky and background were also shifted a little toward green.

    It has some general retouching to emphasize bike parts, such as the headlamp. The headlamp definitely didn't start out that yellow.


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      Re: Can you help???

      In terms of overall style. First. The bike was definitely lit on location. Looks like a bare flash somewhat centered above and high in front of camera.

      For post processing they really pulled the back point up as well as pulled the white point down to kill a lot of contrast in the image. Outside of that, I'd say just basic clean up on the bike and probably some kind of vignette underneath your curve to shift up the black point.

      Your layers should go from bottom to top. Original image, clean up layer, any dodge and burn you want to do, a curves for the vignette, and then a curves on top of everything that bring the black point up. You can also do this with an Exposure layer and increasing the offset