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Advanced hair retouching

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  • Advanced hair retouching

    hi I am looking for tutorial with explanation step by step advanced hair retouching - of course payable. I would like to learn how to get result like from Loreal for example campaign thanks jacek

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    Re: Advanced hair retouching

    Gry Garness is recommended.


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      Re: Advanced hair retouching

      Check out this one


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        Re: Advanced hair retouching

        Step 1 Cleaning

        Examine the image to find out any stray, fly hair and remove it with the help of Cloning and healing brush tool. Once you clean, the hair must be patterned properly without any discrepancy.

        The edge of the hair should be equal and smooth. You have to maintain the shape as well.

        There shouldn’t be any empty space or skin visible In-between hair; you can clone the hair part to fill those areas.

        Step 2 Enhancement

        Enhancing the shiny part is the most important part in Hair retouching.

        Just find out the shiny highlighted channel which will be crossing through a particular area of the hair .It will look like a gradient on the hair.

        Give more prominence for the glossy areas by giving more luminance. Curve tool will be useful with an unmasking.

        You will be able to see a clear gradient effect once it’s done.

        Step 3 Coloring

        Now you can color the hair adding an appropriate tint.

        Gradient map, or color mode on the brush can be used to do this.

        Sharpen the hair part once all the enhancement done.

        This YouTube tutorial will be very much useful for you


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