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How to get this Jerry Ghionis style

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  • How to get this Jerry Ghionis style

    I love Jerry Ghionis's style in his album, the skins are so smooth, dresses have details and the first thing you see is the face...i tryied many times to get this look but i think there is some kind of many techiques.Any ideas of how to get that in photoshop?

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    Re: How to get this Jerry Ghionis style

    The examples you post have little to do with PS editing and everything to do with lighting subject matter and exposure.

    In this case lighting bright but likely to be overcast day or in shade of building. Given the correct exposure i.e no clipping important highlight detail you are 99% there leaving minor corrections to colour balance to taste


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      Re: How to get this Jerry Ghionis style

      Some of what draws an eye to an image is brightness or warmth...both of these are highly attractive to the brain and the eye.

      To get this in photoshop you can use a curves based adjustment layer. Pull the center part of the curve up slightly. Then do a control I on the mask and turn it black...your brightness will now go away. Then paint on the mask with a soft white brush at 4% opacity on the face will make the face just slightly lighter and draw attention to the faces just like your examples show.

      Make another curve adjustment layer and this time adjust the skin colors. His colors are very warm and vibrant in the faces. On this nes layer and curve...pull the top right point on the red channel curve to the left. This will really warm up and redden the face area when you paint it on. You might want to go back to the curve and pull the top right point down just a little to add in some yellow to the red to make orange. This is what is happening in your example.

      You use adjustment layers because they are very clean and transparent and can do color corrections beautifully. You use the black retouchers mask so you can selectively paint your color just exactly where you want it on the picture and you can make it any strength you want. Use a white brush to add the coloring, a black brush to erase any mistakes you made. You use 4% opacity so nobody sees any of your brush strokes.

      God Speed



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