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Undo feathering from .png image

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  • Undo feathering from .png image


    I have a .png image with a transparent background and feathering around the border. Is there a way to get rid of the feathering?

    Thank you for your help! Please ask for clarification if needed

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    Re: Undo feathering from .png image

    crop out... OR... select just inside feathering .... invert selection... and fill with content aware


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      Re: Undo feathering from .png image

      Is this actually your image? Most people ask this kind of thing when they removed it from somewhere on the web.

      If you don't have the original image, you can create some kind of matte to make it look less feathered. You can't perfectly restore the underlying pixels, because they are no longer part of the data.

      The easiest way to do this is bring the image into photoshop and duplicate the background layer many times. Since each layers has parts that have a reduced alpha value, that alpha will stack with each layer. It may create some aliasing, but there aren't any other feasible methods. The harder ways involve a lot of repainting things wherever they don't match. That's why they aren't feasible for most people.


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        Re: Undo feathering from .png image

        Hi scrbpeople

        It would probably help to know more exactly what your are trying to achieve. Suggestions would be quite different if you are trying to get a very sharp edge and non-pixelated outline of the object vs just removing the transparency from the PNG which may or may not give you the image you desire.

        If you post the image of interest and more specifics on what your desire, you will get more targeted suggestions. Just a suggestion.


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          Re: Undo feathering from .png image

          It’s a disaster if your png image has a lengthy feather, no way other than rebuild the feathered part using clone stamp or content aware.


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