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    Just wondering if there are some good high-resolution practice images out there for fashion, products, etc?

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    Re: practice images

    Originally posted by joe_7 View Post
    Just wondering if there are some good high-resolution practice images out there for fashion, products, etc?
    Model Mayhem as always.


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      Re: practice images

      I would say the same thing as Tulack. There are obviously levels of quality. I dislike most of the interpretations that seem to appear on model mayhem, but the images are probably more than sufficient to demonstrate a reasonable level of skill and good judgement. That should be enough to make them suitable for practice material.

      The stuff I dislike as I mentioned falls more under interpretation. I see a lot of strange color choices and flattened anatomical features. Those things always bug me.


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        Re: practice images

        Here is the link for the retouch training images at Model Mayhem

        Many images are located in "DropBox" so they are fairly easy to download...most all of them are high resolution RAW images and also some very large medium format images.

        Be certain to read the photographers copyright rules in each posting. Some photographers offer images in the clear, others want a specific credit to be made for the model and the photographer, and some others dont allow commercial or facebook use, and others make it so you have to be a retoucher or photographer with a profile on Mayhem itself to be able to request the RAW files by number.

        Im a photographer and a Retouch Trainer on Mayhem... so its really nice to have access to HQ RAW Images from many different kinds of photographers and styles. It doesnt take too much effort to join Mayhem as a retoucher or photographer...just register, answer a few questions and have 4-6 initial images to post before they approve you in a few days. You dont have to be a big NYC retoucher to join...even average or beginner retouchers can get started there. Its one of the better resource sharing forums I am aware of.

        Does anyone else know of "some other Links or sites" where you can download and use original high quality 5000 and 6000 pixel images?




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          Re: practice images

          Thanks a lot, will check it out. It dawned on me that Wikimedia Commons might be a good resource too, but haven't had time to give it a good shakedown yet.

          Let's keep this thread going though.
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