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High End Skin Retouching- Strategic Workflow Video

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  • High End Skin Retouching- Strategic Workflow Video

    Hey guys,

    So i have just created a video demonstrating my approach to skin retouching. It has been a decade long journey to find the right 'strategy' rather than a 'technique', to create great skin in the least time the same time having full manual 'Control'.

    Be warned, there is a plug for the StyleMyPic Panel in the video, as it is an integral part of the workflow. That being said, all of the techniques can be applied using standard Photoshop tools and methods, and I really do think Photographers who retouch their images, and freelance retouchers could benefit from this workflow:

    High End skin retouching techniques strategically SIMPLIFIED in Photoshop using ProWorkflow Classic panel. If you are in the business of retouching, Quality ...

    Of course, if its an occasional national/international level or a highly compensated job, I can justify spending much more time on an image, but for everything else...I think I have found the right balance.

    What do the experts here think?

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    Re: High End Skin Retouching- Strategic Workflow V

    Slick presentation Sid. Setting aside my opinion that the final image looked like it took just 20 mins, I think you demonstrate very well. Too many 'how to' vids lack clarity but I think you navigated around the image with sensible zoom levels and narrated clearly. I only do 'product' so I'd also be interested to read what some of our more accomplished 'skin' guys think.


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      Re: High End Skin Retouching- Strategic Workflow V

      I glossed over it. I like your presentation, but I spotted a couple things could be better clarified even just glossing over it. I think it's a nicer presentation than anything I would come up with, edit: especially in a reasonable amount of time.

      Someone inexperienced may not pick up on why you use a certain pattern with the healing brush. That tool can go crazy if misused. With the eyebrows you specifically went in the direction of the the hairs, which I believe you did to avoid unusual results. Some people will not pick up on that. You did something similar with the skin.

      You mentioned the skin could take up to 2 hours. It is not realistic to budget 2 hours to smooth out skin to that degree on that image regardless of the techniques used. If you did that for a job, you wouldn't be hired again. Even if the budget was there, you would get too backlogged.

      The other stuff is just difference in tastes, but I suspect you slightly overdid a couple parts just to emphasize the how to aspect.

      I like the video overall. It's certainly more helpful than any similar videos I've come across.
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        Re: High End Skin Retouching- Strategic Workflow V

        Repairman and klev, Thanks for your inputs.


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