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    Re: Polaroid (?) Look

    Every image is different, and if someone is commissioned to match a specific look, they may put a lot of work into achieving that. It may involve looking at a significant amount of reference material.

    Regarding VSCO, if you're talking about VSCO film, it's a reasonable way of starting. I would see Tulack's post here. It's good. Histogram matching isn't as stable of a method as he suggests at times, but it's a reasonable starting point. Several of the methods mentioned in this (research paper on color transfer) refer to some type of histogram matching. If you just look at the photos, it will give you some idea of the problems.

    Overall I just see another question of how to match images. You generally need some level of sensibility for the work to get anywhere, because they're all different. I've tried to get people started, but it hasn't worked in most cases.


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      Re: Polaroid (?) Look

      Originally posted by klev View Post
      You generally need some level of sensibility for the work to get anywhere, because they're all different. I've tried to get people started, but it hasn't worked in most cases.
      Either put in an effort into learning about this craft, or pay someone else to do it for you. It might be VISCO, if it so happens that the image is similar form the start. But it's not the tools, but rather the knowledge that'll define if you can do something or not. Retouching is not "let's click this and see how it turns out".

      Study proportion, painting, art history, color theory. In the meantime, just hire someone.


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        Re: Polaroid (?) Look

        Every image is different. So there are 3 different ways.


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          Re: Polaroid (?) Look

          Aside from local and global color treatment, they are all the same, they share the same "look & feel", same treatment and same style. And yes! they match each other perfectly, they are part of an overall theme, an Ad campaign. Hence, they must match.

          Don't let overall color and contrast deceive your eyes.

          Hard work and deep understanding of Photoshop will get you there.


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