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1000mpix camera?No prob, I'll just charge more :)

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  • skoobey
    started a topic 1000mpix camera?No prob, I'll just charge more :)

    1000mpix camera?No prob, I'll just charge more :)

    I would love to open up a discussion about how things are changing with cameras that have higher resolution.

    And while the workflow is the same, more pixels=more time spent on an image.
    There is more to do, and more to zoom in.

    Funny thing being, while we have 100mpix cameras and super sharp lenses, many photographers buy these having no idea what to do with them that's different than with a 10mpix one(besides cropping). And many times I have clients agree upon retouching a downsized (20 mpix usually) image simply because it's for a webshop or a small format catalog, is a one-of and is not going to be reproduced later on like billboards etc. just to get the cost down.

    So, how do you handle larger files? What are the things in your workflow you have to adjust compared to the 10-20mpix? How do you handle client communication? Would love to hear some experiences.

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