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How to avoid or fix skin type like this?

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  • How to avoid or fix skin type like this?


    They are not my photos but sometimes I have very similar result.
    The first 2 are the skin I want to avoid. The last one is the perfect skin for me.
    I know it's usually the model, lightning makeup etc.

    After the very care healing, and few D&B strokes the skin start to look like the first 2 photos. It looks like something plastic or I don't know and it's not inverted high pass.

    Usually adding a little noise helps a bit but not much.
    I realized with these skin type the micro D&B makes it worse, so I just started to use the D&B from 25% zoom distance and avoid any unnecessary micro D&B. The result is better but I would like to know if you have any technique to handle this skin.


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    Re: How to avoid or fix skin type like this?

    You can tone down the bright highlights with a bit of db assuming you make a good choice of layer types. I would suggest either dodge and burn tools applied to a layer such as channel mixer or curves. I always build in color correction. I want the impression that more light reaches the underlying blood vessels, so it's a definite shift.

    If you tone down the areas that are way too bright, you'll get a nicer feeling of smoothness. It isn't as good as if you really nail the lighting and makeup, but it's quite common that someone retouching an image would need to do this kind of work.


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      Re: How to avoid or fix skin type like this?

      DNB is just painting with light, and just like any other painting get's better with practice. A lot of it. If it looks plastic, it's only because you made it look that way, so I would suggest lower opacity brush and not sticking to one area for too long.


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        Re: How to avoid or fix skin type like this?

        Thank you for the answer.

        I tried lot of things in the last couple of days but nothing helped. I think they have a skin like that and can't really change.
        The photos I attached above from very pro retouchers and even they have this issue.


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